Expert Witness Testimony

EAG’s professional scientists and engineers offer consulting services and expert witness testimony. With a focus on critical issues affecting our client’s business, we serve as independent advisors, bringing new perspectives and experiences for problem solving.  Our consulting services include recommending different testing methods and procedures, defining research protocols or investigating causes of product failures. Clients can benefit from EAG’s deep levels of experience and our network of laboratories and consultants.

We also offer consulting and expert testimony services for legal challenges. EAG experts have provided scientific testimony in depositions and trials. We understand the importance of clear communication in scientific expert presentations, and are skilled in explaining technical methods and results in clear and understandable terms. From investigating defective aircraft landing gear to determining cause of airbag failures, EAG’s engineers and scientists have been at the forefront of providing scientific expertise, data interpretation and expert testimony for hundreds of legal cases.

From our locations formerly known as SEAL Laboratories and Chemir Analytical Services, our engineers and scientists have years of experience providing litigation support as testifying experts. They have worked on both product liability and patent infringement cases, providing design of investigations, testing, data analysis and expert witness support.

Our scientific testifying experts include:

Arun Kumar, Ph.D.

Dr. Kumar has over 40 years of expertise in metallurgical and materials failure analysis, fracture analysis, corrosion/oxidation studies and materials characterization. He has presented testimony for cases involving failures of metals and other materials in aircraft, machinery, cars, motorcycles, consumer products and high tech products. Download Arun Kumar’s CV.

Albert Lee, Ph.D.

Dr. Lee specializes in custom synthesis, analytical chemistry and investigational problem solving. He has presented testimony in cases involving API synthesis, impurity profiling and replication of synthetic processes for intellectual property cases involving pharmaceuticals. Download Albert Lee’s CV.

Dana J. Medlin, Ph.D., P.E., FASM

Dr. Medlin has extensive experience leading multidisciplinary failure analysis projects in metallurgical and materials science engineering, corrosion engineering and biomedical engineering.  He has testified internationally as an expert witness in cases involving medical device, automotive, aerospace, heavy equipment, and marine applications.  Dr. Medlin is a Fellow of ASM-International. Download Dana Medlin’s CV

Carolyn J. Otten, Ph.D.

Dr. Otten designs and supervises project involving deformulation, failure analysis, contamination issues and packaging migration investigations. She has experience as a chemical technical consultant and expert witness. Download Carolyn Otten’s CV

Sya Ensha, Ph.D.

Dr. Ensha is a failure analysis specialist since 1974 with expertise in metallic materials, engineering plastics and brittle solids; such as ceramics and glasses.  With his background in both metallurgy and fracture mechanics; clients benefit from his experience in both industrial and legal cases to determine the root cause of failures. Download Sya Ensha’s CV

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