Crop Protection

EAG Laboratories offers the broadest capabilities and largest capacity for GLP-compliant testing of any North American CRO. Our scientists are experts at translating regulatory guidelines into novel field and laboratory study designs. They are known for developing innovative test systems and applying advanced analytical methodologies to answer complex product development, crop protection, and environmental questions.

EAG scientists have been conducting testing of crop protection chemicals since before the EPA was founded in 1970. We have participated in guideline development, and have contributed GLP data for EPA, OECD, PMRA and JMAFF applications for some of the world’s most widely used pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. And, our regulatory inspection record is unblemished: no EAG facility has ever been cited for GLP violation.

How do you drive R&D productivity and at the same time keep pace with evolving environmental regulations?  Turn to EAG. WE KNOW HOW.


EAG offers the comprehensive suite of analytical and testing services required for global crop protection registrations.

  • Residue analysis: Unparalleled method development know-how in the challenging discipline of residue chemistry, along the full complement of ground and surface water monitoring, dislodgeable foliar residues, magnitude of residue analyses, and worker and domestic exposure studies
  • Aquatic and terrestrial ecotoxicology: Expert ecotoxicological testing services required to assess the acute and chronic effects of chemicals on amphibians, earthworms, honeybee and select non-target insects, as well as freshwater and saltwater invertebrates and fish in an AAALAC-accredited, GLP-compliant environment
  • Avian toxicology: World-leading avian acute and reproduction studies for commonly tested species, such as northern bobwhite, Japanese quail (Coturnix) and mallard, as well as chickens, zebra finches, house sparrows, pigeons and partridge
  • Environmental fate: Environmental fate and effects of test substances in soil, water and other complex environmental matrices, complemented by in-house radiolabeling and structural elucidation expertise
  • Plant and animal metabolism: Plant and animal metabolism studies required to demonstrate safety, distribution and metabolism of chemical substances, including bioaccumulation and depuration, and the radiochromatographic profiling, isolation and identification of metabolites
  • Product chemistry: Physical and chemical analyses required to characterize agricultural chemicals and their degradants, with ample capacity for storage stability studies
  • Radiolabeling and custom synthesis: Expert 14C and 3H radiolabeling of active ingredients for metabolism, environmental fate and effects testing; custom synthesis of active ingredients and metabolites and impurities—with dedicated in-house analytical for GLP-certification of materials
  • Sample processing: Dedicated sample processing laboratory with walk-in protective hoods to prevent cross-contamination; the full complement of grinders, reciprocal shakers, blenders and tissuizers for homogenization and blending; Genogrinders for efficient residue and protein extraction; and ample -20° and -70° freezers for sample storage
  • Litigation support: Expert witness and litigation support services for manufacturers of agrochemicals facing challenges of IP, products liability and insurance claims.

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