Consumer Electronics

EAG offers the most comprehensive capabilities for driving innovation and reliability in the consumer electronics industry. We understand the need for first-to-market breakthrough technologies, and the challenges of maintaining supply chain quality and efficiency from international providers.

With labs located in the heart of Silicon Valley, EAG scientists have been helping to drive the technology explosion in consumer products for over 30 years. Over the years, we’ve earned a reputation worldwide for developing new methods to advance consumer electronics product development and for solving materials-related issues in mobile devices, tablets, computers, sensors and wearables, including health monitoring devices.

From fitness gadgets to gaming consoles, EAG scientists help companies create the best products, while making sure these electronic components are reliable and safe, leveraging our extensive capabilities, experience, instrumentation and quality certifications.

How do we pursue intense electronics innovation but still ensure consumer product safety and quality? Turn to EAG. WE KNOW HOW.

Materials Science: A vast array of materials testing services and analytical techniques to evaluate suitability and performance of materials—from R&D activities to problem-solving and QC evaluations in chip packages, printed circuit boards (PCBs), flex circuits and solder/solder bump arrays. We also evaluate the bands, cases, screens and fabrics used in finished products for biocompatibility and performance.

Engineering Science: Leveraging a large, in-house installed base of tools, EAG scientists and engineers support companies across the consumer products industry at  in various stages of new product development and sustaining production. With expertise in electrical test, reliability, and failure analysis, we offer full system evaluations as well as component/IC-level analysis, including test and debug services.

Life Science: Ensuring the safety of medical devices that include electronic components, our scientists can perform safety evaluations, extractable/leachable studies, as well as determining if the materials present are of toxicological concern.


  • Failure analysis: Our labs possess a comprehensive array of advanced tools and techniques available for performing failure analysis on integrated circuits and other electronic devices. The failure analysis services range from Level 1 non-destructive examination to Level 3 fault isolation and root cause identification and characterization.
  • Characterization of materials: Investigation of materials-related issues is extremely important in modern consumer electronics processing and packaging. This includes organic analysis of plastics/polymers, flux, lubricants and solder masks, as well as elemental analysis of wire bonds, bond pads, leads and lead frames.
  • Sensitizers testing: We use GC/MS, LC/MS, and ICP/MS  to determine if the presence of any transferred chemicals are skin sensitizers with potential for toxic, allergenic or abrasion concerns.

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