Biotech Crops

For scientists developing new ways to address drought tolerance, pesticide resistance and farmland productivity with biotech crops, EAG offers the truly unique combination protein chemistry expertise and nearly five decades of experience analyzing crops and plants.  Our biotech industry veterans are experts at translating complex questions about protein behavior into GLP-compliant study designs. We have helped some of the world’s largest crop innovators find and validate faster, more efficient ways to quickly evaluate new traits.

How do you harness biotechnology to feed a growing world population, while safeguarding human and environmental health?  Turn to EAG. WE KNOW HOW.


EAG offers the wide range of techniques required to fully characterize expressed proteins, as well as the various studies required to confirm the food, feed and environmental safety of products that represent traits of interest. Here are some of the ways we can help with biotech crops:

  • Protein chemistry and profiling analysis: in seeds and crops by ECL/ELISA or MS/MS for single or multiple transgenic proteins, including allergenicity profiling
  • Feeding and exposure studies: to access the potential for toxicological or allergenic effects of GM plant products
  • Ecotoxicological testing: required to evaluate the potential effects of the transgenic crops on non-target microorganisms, insects, invertebrates and fish
  • Environmental fate studies: to determine degradation and metabolism of transgenic proteins in soil, water and other complex environmental matrices
  • Compositional equivalence studies: required to demonstrate substantial equivalence between genetically engineered plants and their conventional counterparts
  • Sample processing and storage: with walk-in protective hoods to prevent cross-contamination; the full complement of reciprocal shakers, blenders and tissuizers for homogenation and blending; genogrinders for efficient protein extraction; and ample -20° and -70° freezers for sample storage

All work is performed in well managed, modern laboratories equipped to handle most any analytical methodology. And all of our capabilities are wrapped in a stellar regulatory record—a testament to strong quality systems, rigorous GLP compliance and EAG’s deeply ingrained culture of continuous improvement.

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