Innovation in the automotive industry has swiftly moved from a decreased reliance on gas power to fully autonomous cars and trucks. Manufacturers have long been focused on better fuel efficiency, increased safety, and improved performance while delivering endless integrated features. EAG has a extensive history working with manufacturers as well as industry suppliers for virtually every component of the car. Our experience gives leaders in the automotive industry assurance that the analytical tests and reports provided by our scientists will exceed the stringent standards expected with today’s technology.

Our labs across the globe give us the ability to serve customers in all regions with expertise covering all phases of the design and production process. For both the components of cars that drivers can visually see along with the parts that keep the cars on the road our services include:

Metallurgical Analysis

  • High purity metals and alloys that are used in the production of both cars and motorcycles are expected to maintain their integrity in all conditions over a long period of time. Determining both the composition and potential failure points for these materials is a premier service of EAG.
  • An array of techniques including, but not limited to SEM, GDMS, IGA, and Dual Beam-FIB serve as a foundation to the analysis required by our customers.

Polymer Chemistry 

  • Techniques used by our highly knowledgeable scientists identify not only the composition of materials that make up the body components but also the reliability of the coatings used through out the complex wiring in the vehicle.
  • Chemical analysis can be performed to determine multi layer thickness, adhesive composition, and contaminate identification.

Engineering Systems Testing

  • The systems that run modern cars are beyond any sci-fi movie script. Automobiles are better than ever at helping drivers stay in control as well as keep those around them safe.
  • The engineering sciences team is ready to provide the consultation and testing design needed to develop new processes, determine root cause failure analysis, and develop quality assurance standards.
  • ESD & Latch-up Testing and related techniques when performed by EAG’s talented scientists provide highly detailed results in both required reports and on-demand webinars.

Automotive Processor

Reliability is demanded and has increased with the numerous features in the modern automobile. Market pressures have forced rapid innovation in terms of quality, efficiency, and comfort. EAG’s broad scope of automotive industry knowledge, testing expertise, and problem solving will help keep your cars on the road for the long term.

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